Women’s problems in sex: is it possible to use the same with men’s ED drugs.

Right after pharmacy presented against ED pills, this turf got another one question – it was about possible use in women’s case. The thing is that ED was official disease during a long period of time, but problems with excitation and correct sex process of women’s body were ignored. Most of the doctors explained their position by physiological differences. So, it meant that in case if there is nothing to get up – the problems can’t exist. But all negations were refuted by pieces of evidence of the real women’s analog of ED. It is a kind of mental problem which has the connection with the cardiovascular system. So, appeared new problem and as the result, a lot of companies decided to earn money on it. They started new research to find the decision. At the same time, most of the women decided to try men’s version of drugs, because its main activity was directed on the blood flow increase. What was the result which they got and is it possible to use men’s drugs to solve women’s problems in sex life – these are the main questions which we will try to answer in this article.

What is the real women’s body reaction on classic against ED men’s drugs

The main way to answer this question is to learn the basis of the men’s drug’s influence. They create circumstances which offer blood flow supporting. As the result, blood will have wide vessels and no hedges on their way. In fact, it is the basic moment which helps to create the real embodiment of the excitation. The thing is that there are two steps in healthy erection:

  • mental;
  • physiological.

Without mental readiness and strong desire it is impossible to create the erection. It is a huge wild-guess that in case if a man will use some of against ED drug he will get the erection in a moment. The truth is that it is just physical support and the way to erase damage which lack of testosterone brought. Anyway, the desire is the basis of sex.

It is important to know that all drugs were made special for men’s health and they have some features of the influence which is possible to find only in man’s body. Women’s set of hormones is not the same. Blood flow system and genitals are not the same too. So, it means, that it would be impossible to get the same result.

Women’s problems in sex: is it possible to use the same with men’s ED drugs.

In fact, men’s drugs can bring the effect. It will be embodied in the additional blood flow. Yes, genitals will get a new portion of blood and wide-opened vessels, but that is all. Most of the women’s ED cases depend on mental problems. So, it means that even the strongest blood flow can’t offer conditions to get the result.

What if someone will hide men’s against ED drug in woman’s food

Women’s problems in sex: is it possible to use the same with men’s ED drugs.In case if someone decided to try the effect of men’s against ED drug with own experience, this person should know that it is pretty dangerous. The thing is that every single health has its own features and sometimes even the smallest one dose can bring side effects. In case if we talking about such group of pills, it is important to know that overdose and side effects of use are going to be the same with the men’s reaction. So, it is impossible to make someone use it without making him understand what happened. This person will probably get special feelings (sometimes fast start of additional blood flow can bring dizziness). But in case if this person doesn’t know that he sued this pill, it is possible to bring fear. Just imagine – your blood flow suddenly started to be too much active, your heart beating become increased and all your body is trying to make the vessels as wide as it is possible. Anyway, it will never bring excitation to a woman and it is the only one thing every man should know. So, it is silly and not safe to make woman use against men’s ED drug without her agreement.

Some words about women and their excitation

The truth is that most of the women can’t get excitation just because their partners didn’t know how to do that. Man can be ready just in a moment. At the same time, every woman needs more time, because their bodies should do special preparation. Excitation is a special circumstance and most of the cases when women think that she has a problem in this area, the best treatment is additional stimulation. It means that preliminary caresses should be longer.

So, as you can see, women have problems with excitation too. Their bodies have features which should be learned. By the way, sometimes all problems can be solved just with the help of additional correct stimulation.