Treating impotence in a natural way – aphrodisiacs and herbal drugs

Herbal remedies can be used as additional method to cure erectile dysfunction along with medicament therapy. It should be noted, that herbal remedies cannot lead to the immediate effect to improve potency. Their effect can be observed after a long period of time, during which a man should adhere to healthy lifestyle. In case of erectile dysfunction such famous medicament as Viagra sale will help males to achieve erection when it is needed. It starts its action 30-60 minutes after oral ingestion of a pill.
The following herbal components are often used in natural remedies to enhance potency:

1) Goji berries that contribute to strengthening blood vessels, improving blood current, decreasing “bad” cholesterol degree in the blood, and regenerating cells in the whole body;
2) Golden Root is a Chinese plant which is applied for curing anemia, fatigue, nervous diseases, and erection problems;
3) Maca is a plant from Peru that contains multiple good components including amino acids, taurine etc. Extract of Maca enlarges potency and sensitivity.
4) Ginseng is a plant from Asian countries. It is used as an anti-aging and tonic herbal remedy. Ginseng ensures very beneficial effect on the blood flow in the body.

Aphrodisiacs for improving male potency

Aphrodisiacs are natural products that may enhance libido and sexual desire. The first well-known aphrodisiac was a red apple in the story about Adam and Eve. Since that time, mankind has discovered a lot of aphrodisiac food products. Among them are:

I. Avocado – a green fruit, which originates from Central Mexico. It has a reputation of the remedy that improves male libido mainly due to its specific form resembling the shape of man reproductive organs (testes). This fruit contains a lot of good fatty acids helping to maintain health of the cardiovascular system including vessels in pelvic area; group B vitamins; vitamins E & D etc. The flesh of ripe fruit has delicate texture, the taste is vaguely reminiscent of a mixture of butter with mashed greenery.
II. It’s surprising, but in spite of its pungent smell, garlic causes significant beneficial action on male’s sexual function helping to improve potency and intimate life. Researchers that conduct special studies on garlic health effect argue that regular intake of cloves of garlic or green garlic can help to decrease the risk of prostate cancer occurrence by approximately 50%.
III. Cashew – a tasty nut (to be more precise – seed of a tropic fruit). It contains many “good” fats, calcium, iron, magnesium and other minerals and vitamins. It maintains health of blood vessels and heart, as well as helps to maintain normal level of arterial pressure.
IV. Artichoke – a perennial herbaceous plant used in medicine since Ancient times. This plant not only tones the body, but also leads to increased blood current in genitals area.
V. Strawberry – a tasty and fragrant berry. Consumption of a few of these berries can cause joy feeling. Strawberry contains a lot of antioxidants and ascorbic acid. In addition, it is rich in components called endorphins, which help improve mood.
VI. Coffee – a well-known stimulator, effectiveness of which has been proven by multiple studies. Coffee in combination with small quantity of brandy and cinnamon can serve as a great sex stimulant.