What is dosage option for the medicament – on everyday basis or each time before sexual intercourse?
The medicament should be prescribed by your healthcare professional. The latter can advise using the medication either on everyday basis (if a patient has sex every day) or as needed (a patient should take a pill before sexual act). In any case, the maximum advised frequency is one time a day.

Does Viagra have immediate effect?
No, the medicament starts its action approximately 30 minutes after ingestion. The effect can be delayed if the medicament is taken in combination with fatty food products such as cheese, nuts, fatty fish and meat. Therefore, if a patient needs a quicker effect, he should avoid consumption of the above-mentioned products.

Does a man have to release his sexual arousal after taking Viagra pill?
No. The medicament provides long lasting erection if a male person is sexually excited. But the effect doesn’t occur if he doesn’t want to have sex. Therefore, the medicament doesn’t cause sexual discomfort and there is no need to release libido.

What are counter indications for taking the medical remedy?
There are several counter indications for taking the medicine. They are indicated in instructions of the medicament. Among them are: taking drugs containing nitrates agents, allergic reactions to the main agent of Viagra (sildenafil) or to any additional components of the pill, taking some medicaments for pulmonary hypertension treatment etc.

What are adverse effects of the medicament?
In general, the medicament has high safety profile, as was shown by multiple clinical experiments. Nevertheless, in rare cases, the medical remedy can cause severe adverse effects such as priapism (long-lasting erection that doesn’t go away), hearing or vision decreasing. More common and less severe adverse effects include a headache, redness and others.

Does the medicament protect against sexually transmitted ailments?
No, Viagra doesn’t protect patients against ailments that are transmitted by sexual way such as HIV, gonorrhea etc. This medical remedy only helps male persons to achieve good erection and maintain it during sexual act. It causes its effect by improving blood current in penile organ.

Can I take Viagra tablets when being treated with blood pressure medicaments (Lisinopril)?
As usual, it is safe to take Viagra in combination with Lisinopril if blood pressure level is well controlled. But in any case, you should consult your healthcare professional, who will give precise answer to this question, as well as provide you with you appropriate recommendations.

Can Viagra be taken by females?
No, this anti-ED medical remedy isn’t approved by US FDA for treating sexual disorders in women. Therefore, if you see an offer to buy female Viagra, it is a fraud or counterfeited product. This medicament cannot cause any significant effect on libido in females.

Can Viagra (for treating impotence) be combined with Cialis (for treating BPH)?
Professional opinion on this matter for each patient can be given only by a qualified healthcare expert. However, reviews show that some patients use 5 milligrams of Cialis for treating benign prostatic hyperplasia and Viagra when needed to achieve erection before coitus.

Does Viagra delay ejaculation in males?
The medicament cannot help patients to last longer during sex. But it helps to maintain natural level of penile erection. There are other medical remedies that are intended to cure premature ejaculation in male persons.