Erectile Dysfunction in Men: Forms of the Disease and its Diagnosis.

Erectile Dysfunction in men

As a rule, men dislike admitting their sexual fiasco. The dreaded word (impotency) leads them into horror, and in most cases they don’t visit a specialist, being afraidErectile Dysfunction in Men: Forms of the Disease and its Diagnosis. to hear confirmation of the diagnosis. Psychological denial solves nothing, and then a man starts avoiding any sexual contact. Different excuses are coming: tired at work, an important meeting the next day, feeling bad and migraine. The problem persists; the number of sexual encounters is decreasing. The quality of sexual intercourse is often reduced, and for some men it means the loss of meaning of. In this article you’ll know about different forms of erectile dysfunction in men and how to start treatment of this intimate problem.

The Difference between Impotence and Erectile Dysfunction

First of all you should know that the impotence is an extreme degree of erectile dysfunction. Some time ago physicians recognized that it’s absolutely incorrect to make this diagnosis to everyone who at least once failed sexual intercourse. The medical term “impotence” is translated from Latin and means “totally impotent”.

In other words:

Penis doesn’t increase in volume;
It doesn’t reach the desired hardness;
The erection is not maintained or doesn’t occur;
Sexual intercourse doesn’t happen, in spite of motivating action of a partner.

If such manifestations are constant, then it is possible to diagnose impotence. But a lot of men’s impossibility to commit sexual contact manifests itself occasionally. Therefore, the term “erectile dysfunction” appeared.

Psychological Form of a Disease

A psychological form of erectile dysfunction is usually characterized with weak erection and its absolute loss on the backdrop of an uncomfortable psychological state. The main causes of the problem in this case are:

  • Fear and stress;
  • Fatigue and mistrust of the partner;
  • Uncomfortable place or inconvenient time of intercourse.

The signs of psychological erectile dysfunction are:

  • Erectile Dysfunction in Men: Forms of the Disease and its Diagnosis.Sudden manifestation of the disease;
  • Night spontaneous excitements and pollutions;
  • Restoration of erectile function when disturbing negative factors are eliminated;
  • Problems in the relationship with a partner.

Organic and Mixed Forms of ED

This is when dysfunction is manifested and intensifies gradually, and the key causes are diseases of the primogenital sphere.

Urologists have identified the following manifestations of the organic form of erectile dysfunction:

  • Libido is not broken and a man experiences sexual excitement;
  • Night spontaneous erections don’t occur;
  • The gradual accumulation of problems with excitation and erection;
  • If an erection doesn’t happen in 25% of all sexual contacts.

The mixed form of erectile dysfunction – when erectile dysfunction begins on the background of diseases and disorders of major systems of the body, and is exacerbated by the stressful condition of the patient.

Erectile Dysfunction in Men: Forms of the Disease and its Diagnosis.

We have identified what erectile dysfunction in men is. But still you shouldn’t engage in self-analysis, it’s better to tell about all your problems to your doctor.

How to Start Treatment?

It goes without saying that every man should see a specialist with the first signs of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction diagnosis includes several required actions:

  • Medical history and frank conversation with the patient (an initial opinion on the nature of the occurrence of dysfunction);
  • A preliminary examination of the penis as well as palpation of the pelvis;
  • Lab tests and blood analysis;
  • Analysis on testosterone production;
  • Filling the special questionnaire (on scale of Laurent and Segal).

Don’t let shyness and employment spoil your sexual life. Treatment of erectile dysfunction is not a problem anymore. The main thing is to identify the key causes correctly and get the adequate professional help.