Viagra for sale – the best medicament for improving potency in males!

real viagra for saleViagra (sildenafil) is one of the best-selling medical remedies of the famous American pharmaceutical company called Pfizer, Inc. Viagra for sale appeared on the US pharmaceutical market in 1998, since that time it has been spreading all over the world. It’s helped millions of male persons to fight against a very unpleasant disease – impotence, or, in medical terms, erectile dysfunction. Viagra was originally developed as a treatment for heart disease. However, in the process of research, scientists found that the active ingredient of the drug (sildenafil) improved erection in men and did it very well, better than any other medicament, which existed at that time in the anti-ED drug market.

Viagra has good effectiveness, which has been proven by multiple clinical studies and doctors’ and patients’ reviews. The main features of Viagra are as follows:

1. It starts its action 30-60 min after ingestion, but fatty foods can slow the onset of action;
2. The medicament works during 4-6 hours, it is enough for satisfactory sexual intercourse;
3. It is produced in the form of diamond-shaped blue tablets with special inscriptions in order to prevent counterfeiting;
4. The maximum recommended dose of this medical remedy is 100 milligrams per day. Don’t exceed this dosage, it can cause overdosing with unpleasant adverse effects, such as chest pain, low blood pressure, long painful erection (priapism) etc.
5. Real Viagra for sale is available on the official Pfizer website, in multiple online drugstores and in regular pharmacies.

Viagra sale volumes – world’s statistical data

At the beginning of the 2000s, this anti-ED medical remedy took approximately 90 percent of appropriate drugs market. By the middle 2000s, Viagra sale volumes were reduced to 50 percent of market. Such situation was caused by approving new competing medicaments for curing erectile dysfunction – Levitra and Cialis. In 2012, Viagra gave Pfizer company about 2 billion US dollars of revenue. For the recent years, sales volumes have slightly reduced (statistic data from website):

viagra for sale1) in 2013, sales volumes were approximately 1,9 billion dollars;
2) in 2014, the medicament brought around 1,6 billion dollars of revenue;
3) in 2015, sales of Viagra brought a bit more than 1.7 billion dollars of revenue.

Decreasing of sales volumes was caused by increased popularity of generic versions of the medicament and sale of other anti-ED remedies belonging to the group of PDE5 inhibitors, such as Cialis, Levitra and Stendra (approved by US FDA in 2012). Nevertheless, Viagra is still one of the most popular and well-known drugs for curing erectile dysfunction in men.

Viagra pills for sale on website

In 2013, Pfizer company launched an official program called Viagra for sale online. The manufacturer does not sell the medicament itself, this task is carried out on behalf of Pfizer by one of the largest US drugstores – CVS pharmacy. To get the medical remedy at CVS pharmacy website, an individual should fill out a prescription form to enter the data of a healthcare professional, who prescribed the medicament, as well as the phone number of this healthcare professional. Then, a customer must choose a method of obtaining the prescription by CVS pharmacy:

a) request from a healthcare professional of a patient;
b) a patient’s doctor will send a prescription through fax or e-mail;
c) a patient will send a prescription himself.

Then a client needs to specify personal information and choose the method of delivering. The next stage of purchasing process is billing. Finally, CVS system shows the full Viagra for sale order text on the screen. The process is finished and a patient should wait for Viagra shipping.
Viagra for sale online via CVS pharmacy helps the medicament manufacturer to deal with Viagra counterfeits and to compete successfully with other manufacturers of PDE5 inhibitors. CVS is reliable and legitimate drug provider, which offers only real Viagra for sale. Representatives of Pfizer notices that counterfeited medical remedies may cause serious damage to patients’ health because such pills can contain hazardous components including antibiotics and even pesticides.
It should be noted, that Pfizer offers Viagra for sale discount program. Residents of US & Puerto-Rico are granted a possibility to save money in the amount of up to $450 for 3 prescriptions during a year. One individual can participate in this program only once. He should download and print a discount coupon from and show it along with the prescription in the pharmacy, which offers Viagra for sale and is a participant of Pfizer program. It is a good opportunity to find Viagra for sale cheap and buy it!

Viagra pills for sale on official websites of big online pharmacies

Viagra for sale is available in large online pharmacies and hypermarkets, such as Walgreens, Walmart and Costco. Costco offers Viagra for sale at the following prices: 509 dollars for ten 100 mg tablets, 542 dollars for ten 25 or 50 mg tablets. Viagra for sale price at Walgreens (second-largest pharmacy after CVS) depends on the local Walgreens pharmacy. There is no information about the medicament price at website.

Generic Viagra for sale

generic viagra for saleNow many online drugstores offer generic Viagra for sale. Be careful, in US and Canada generics of “blue pill” aren’t legal. The only legal generic version of the medicament will be available on the USA drug market at the end of 2017, in accordance with the contract between Pfizer and Teva. US FDA has already approved this generic. But in some other countries generics versions are allowed, so generic Viagra for sale cheap is quite possible.

We hope that the information provided on this site will help you in buying the drug for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and finding a reliable site offering Viagra for sale. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask them and we will respond to you as soon as possible.